It is extremely important to understand the type of structure of the CNC intersecting wire cutter

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At present, industrial use of intersecting wire cutting machines is very extensive, and intersecting wire cutting machines have made outstanding contributions to the development of modern industry. The new intersecting wire cutter not only improves production efficiency but also guarantees production quality.




The size of the web has two parameters: the transverse effective cutting width and the longitudinal effective cutting length.


1. The micro-CNC that places the equipment on the steel plate for mobile cutting should consider two aspects: one is the size of the part, which should ensure that one part can be cut at one time; the other is the width of the steel plate, and it is hoped that the equipment is placed on the steel plate. The length of the longitudinal cut cuts the lateral width of the steel plate to reduce the number of movements of the device.


2. In addition to the above micro-numerical control, in general, the size of the web should be considered in the size of the steel plate. After the steel plate is moved in place, it is hoped that the CNC cutting machine can cut it at one time.




Structure The structure of the equipment is available in cantilever, gantry and benchtop. The structure of the equipment is available in cantilever type, gantry type and table top. The cantilever structure, the equipment is easy to move and install, and does not need to occupy a fixed factory building, and the equipment cost is low.




Cutting method Cutting methods can be classified from different angles. The cutting method can be classified from different angles. Flame cutting, cutting, flame and plasma cutting machine; dry plasma cutting, underwater plasma cutting; CNC and straight strip cutting machine; CNC and straight strip cutting machine; CNC intersecting line cutting machine.